BETA Service Recruitment

BETA Service Recruitment is completely service minded, customising cost effective solutions to clients recruitment needs and offering the most it can to give both employers and employees, both considered equally important to us!

BSR is structured like other Temp & Perm placement agencies, however, it will serve clients with needs for select specialised professionals, clerical and light industry workers, also targeting the 'very much to be improved' temporary market sector service.

Several businesses in Gibraltar provide a similar service to specific groups of people, mainly gaming and financial institutions but there are non that cover all requirements professionally and efficiently under one roof.

BSR matches specifically skilled workers with clients, saving businesses time and money whilst providing for its employees with honesty, pride and honour. This will require a high level of communication and offering a very professional and at the same time friendly and personable service. It will mean asking open ended questions and listening more than talking, knowing the market so that we can really serve each client and employee, not just "sell" them our goods.

BSR is quality service!

Tel: (00 350) 200 64868 | Email: | Suite 4, 2nd Floor 3 Turnbull's Lane Main Street Gibraltar.

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